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I’m Priyangi. I help brands elevate their online presence through custom websites that communicates their unique story and establishes credibility.

So, what got me to sit on the sofa with shoes on?


An idea – in the COVID lockdown. 

I’ve always been fascinated by technology, and I’ve had a strong interest in marketing both as a passion and as my professional focus. It was the perfect combination of these two passions that led me to embark on the exciting journey of web designing and development.

As a marketing enthusiast, I quickly realized that a well-designed website serves as the digital epicenter of one’s brand, a place where your ideas come to life, and your personality shines through.

I believe that every thought-leader, creator, business and professional deserves an online home that reflects their unique story, voice and vision.

That’s why I set out to bridge the gap between creative expression and strategic marketing—unveiling the true potential of each website I craft.

The result? A perfect blend of creativity, functionality, and engaging user experiences.

What sets me apart is not just technical prowess, but an innate understanding of branding and marketing. I take the time to listen, learn, and immerse myself in your world, translating dreams and goals into pixels and code.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that it’s not just about building a website; my mission is to create a welcoming virtual space for your audience, and allow you to tell your story.

Whether you’re a thought-leader sharing groundbreaking ideas, a creative showcasing your artistic brilliance, or a professional looking to make a lasting impact, I’m here to create a space that feels like a warm embrace—a digital home for your passion.

You may wanna read this about me...

I'm totally stoked about what I do

I would randomly think of an innovative design ideas while dancing. It’s an obsession, like, Iron man was obsessed with perfecting his armour. I aim to create creative, functional and persuasive websites.

Strategizing is my special sauce

I won’t just design aesthetically pleasing websites but, strategy based too. Websites that are both beautiful and functional can be a powerful tool for people to achieve their goals. 

Marketing girl

I’m Masters of Marketing (no, like literally an MBA). So, want to book more calls – one conversion design your way. Want to showcase yourself as an industry leader – done.  Want to tell your story – love it! 

I'm absolutely thrilled with the website! It's like she read my mind – The user experience is simply outstanding; navigation is smooth, and everything is so intuitive. I love the little touches she added, like the interactive elements and eye-catching animations that really make the site stand out. She took the time to understand my vision and goals for the website, and it really shows in the final product.
Consultant, Bains & Co.

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